Spending Down


California faces many critical challenges, which require resources and creative solutions.

In response to this reality, the Board of Directors decided to invest all of its assets by 2020. This decision reflects a commitment to identifying lasting solutions for education and the environment. In most initiatives, the Foundation hopes to foster the development of models that can become the standard practices of tomorrow – providing support for inspiring projects, enduring partnerships, and high-quality organizations working to improve California well after the Foundation is gone.

The Foundation also invests in grantee organizations to leave them strong, resilient, and positioned to carry on the work of furthering a successful California for decades to come.

The Foundation is well on its way to investing all its assets but there is much yet to do before 2020. As part of a commitment to sharing the evolving story of the spend down, the Foundation will be offering regular updates about its experience and lessons learned along the way. This timeline shows many of the Foundation’s biggest commitments related to relevant external events as well as key information about the Foundation’s grants, endowment, and staffing since 2008 (the year prior to the spend-down decision.) The timeline will be updated at least annually. Download the timeline (PDF).